By Margeaux Sippell

The beginning of October brings fashion month to a close, ushering in a few glorious weeks of spookytime and, of course, Libra season. This week begins with the moon in Gemini: opportunities knock, but your challenge will be to choose the right doors to answer. Do not tarry too long, like Sylvia Plath with her fig tree. Pluck the fig that feels the ripest in your hand. On Wednesday, the moon enters Cancer—home life, perhaps even family, will be of importance. Embrace your nurturing side. Friday brings the weekend, and with it, a moon in Leo. The fearless lion in you longs to break out of its cage. On Friday and Saturday night, the stars align for positive social outings.


Your energy is electric. It feels as if the universe is pulling you in all directions—but there is only one of you, Aries. Your need to channel that restless energy can get you into situations that are too much to handle. It’s okay to let go of some of your burdens and focus on only on what brings you validation and happiness.


You are often branded with the trope of a stubborn bull. Many have no doubt criticized you for it, but you know the truth of your disposition—you are strong, independent, and self-assured. Others may be intimidated by you, but this is a communication error. Open yourself up to outside wisdom.


Decision-making is not the easiest thing for you, but this week, don’t let the twins pull you in opposite directions. There are important choices to be made—seize them confidently without hesitation. Quiet the self-serving thoughts buzzing around your brain and let your heart choose.


Your genuine personality draws people to you—they love your caring nature and your thoughtfulness. Though your sensitive side can sometimes feel like an emotional burden, be at ease knowing that it’s better to feel too much than not at all. Use your empathy to help others this week—the positivity energy will hit you back like a boomerang.


Open your jaws and let loose a terrifying roar. You are the only one holding yourself back—No one else has that power. Let them see for themselves why they were wrong to underestimate you—telling them does no good. Show them with your actions. Bear your brilliant claws.


You see so much detail that it sometimes feels like looking into a kaleidoscope. Do not fear this disorganization—let the colors run together. Practicality only goes so far, but the ability to reevaluate perspective is timeless. Overcritical thoughts are killers—slay them with your Mercurial sword, before they slay you.


Swayed by Venus to lean towards love and companionship, you have lately felt your scales tipping out of balance. Do your best to remain grounded, Libra, but don’t listen when they tell you to get your head out of the clouds. You belong in the air with the wind on your face. You are gentle, but the sweetness of your nature leads some to believe they can walk on you. Refuse them. Turn your face to the sky.


You live in the house of reincarnation. Take a moment to consider not only how you perceive yourself, but how others may perceive you. Use your effortless ability to become the center of attention for the good. No matter where you’re at, take this week to pay closer attention to the everlasting process of reinvention.


Where is your arrow pointing this week, archer? It can be hard being your friend sometimes because you shine so brightly in all that you do. Be proud of this, but be gentle with it, too. You possess such a powerful ability to pursue your goals that it can be very tempting to take on too many at once. Take this week to reevaluate which goal matters to you the most. You do so well at multitasking—just imagine how far that arrow could fly if you focused all that confident energy in one direction.


There is a reason your sign is symbolized by the goat. You’re adorable, and people love to pet you, but you are also very set in your ways. You may be convinced that there are certain things about yourself that you cannot change, even if you wanted to. But you are ever evolving. Go towards the things that scare you—you’ll be surprised how well you can adapt.


You work so hard to build that façade that convinces others you have it all under control. Be soft with yourself. Release the tension coiled up in your shoulders like a snake. Everyone around you knows you are strong, but do you believe them? No person is an island, but you are the bearer of water and the keeper of sky. Give yourself time.


You may be a pair of sensitive fish, but you navigate through the clear waters in which you swim with wisdom and grace. Other admire this about you, even envy you, but your modesty keeps you from realizing it. The cruelty of others makes you sad, but not everyone has the strength to be as kind and warm as you are. Share this kindness at every opportunity.