By Margeaux Sippell

This week marks a new dawn: Libra season ends and the time of Scorpio begins. Focus shifts from balance to purposeful intensity. Monday begins with the moon in Sagittarius—let the spirit of the archer inspire you with the confidence to aim your arrow at a moving target. On Wednesday, when the moon moves into Capricorn, concentrate on keeping your stance strong as the arrow sails toward its destination. When the weekend finds the moon in Aquarius, take time to find pockets void of compassion. Marvel at the power of sending love where it’s needed.


Sheer force of will can get you far, but compassion will do more for your peace of mind in the long run. At times, it feels as if there is no way around an obstacle but to break down its walls. Find a trap door—there is always one somewhere.


You often hear the siren call of love. It lures you in with beautiful promises, and sometimes they come true. Believe in the call of fate, but tune your radar towards honesty. Not every rose bleeds red—some of them just smell sweet and nothing more.


Have strength of heart this week, Gemini. Though you may feel weak with the burden of what must be done, the task needs completing. Practice tough love with yourself. Use your power of communication to cross difficult pursuits of the to-do list.


Devote this week to doing what you love. I’ll spare you the self-care monologue—cliches aside, you are well aware of the value in taking care of yourself. Allow yourself a moment to lose yourself, even if it is only looking at the moon.


There is no shame in wearing your heart on your sleeve. Being transparent brings those who vibrate on the same frequency closer to you. Those who cringe at your openness have their own tender cross to bear. Rest assured that naked honesty is a virtue in a vacuous world.


Let your sharp wit snap off of your tongue like a whip. You know you wanna. Be mindful of friends whose souls are soft and sensitive—they will at times be taken aback by what you say. Allow yourself this release of thought, but know they will not always understand where you are coming from.


Recently, you have experienced significant change. A milestone, perhaps. Appreciate this time of renewal and know that it is a chance to start fresh. Whatever transpired before this is in the past. Resist the urge to dwell there, and instead forge ahead into the unknown.


Today marks the first of many days during which the universe is uniquely attuned to you. For the next few weeks you have the opportunity to channel great power. Release all that passion pin-balling around inside of you on the world. Something beautiful is likely to come out of this period if you give it a place to manifest.


Good news! This Monday and Tuesday, the moon is on your side. The cogs in the wheels that you turn constantly to reach your goals will be primed to chug along that much more smoothly, so take advantage of it. Mid-week, the moon will shift to Capricorn, so get your energy out early and prepare to consolidate plans and be conservative with finances.


Pay attention to your bones. If they ache, congratulate yourself. Do not settle for weariness—revel in it. It means you’re working hard at something you love. Next time you look in the mirror, notice the fierceness in your eyes. Approach this week by shrugging on a leather jacket and gritting your teeth against the storm.


If there’s anything you love, it’s a good cause. This week, let that cause be you. Take that devotion you feel towards bettering the world and channel it inward—it will be more clear how to best help others when you have already reached peace with yourself.


You cherish moments of easy laughter and sincere smiles. You are at your most genuine around the people you love. The necessary counterpart to this is that all good things must come to an end. Try not to mourn the end of a sweet memory—it continues to live on within you.