By Margeaux Sippell

Now is a time of quiet battles. As Scorpio season hits its stride, remember there is a fire rising up inside you. The moon begins in Gemini this week—communication will be important. Do your best to think clearly. By the time the weekend rolls around, it will be high time to have some fun, so enjoy the moon in Leo starting Friday. Love is abound during this time of year—let it inspire you to take chances you wouldn’t normally take.


You’ve been pushing yourself really hard lately. This week, step back for a moment and survey the fruits of your labors. What’s the use in exerting all that energy when you can’t enjoy the results? You deserve all that you’ve achieved.


You’ve spent your life building up the illusion of armor. Most people in your life are convinced it’s impenetrable, but you know better, don’t you, Taurus? It’s all a defense mechanism against pain. Let it down sometimes. It’s not as scary as you think.


So many decisions are swirling around your head. It’s valid to be afraid, but your Gemini nature makes decisions extra tough. Don’t think too long about them—trust your gut. It’s more honest than your brain sometimes.


It’s a warm and fuzzy time of year, and you are the warmest and the fuzziest of all the signs. Close your eyes this week and know it’s the beginning of a beautiful season. There’s a lot of love in store for you.


It feels like everyone expects you to be the sun, but no one person can be that all the time. Forgive yourself for the days when your lights are dim. Taking a break makes your bursts of inspiration brighter.


You are waiting for something to happen. It can get very frustrating when the outcome seems so far away. Consider reevaluating your plan in motion—it may need updating. You are constantly evolving, after all.


You’ve been very disciplined with yourself lately, Libra. Give yourself a nod in acknowledgement. It may not seem like it, but people are starting to notice. Enjoy that, but also know that no one’s opinion of you matters more than your own.


We’re halfway through Scorpio season. Have you been taking full advantage of your golden hour? We all know you’re strong willed, so show ‘em what you can do. If you need a little extra confidence, look around you—you’re surrounded on all sides by friends who think the world of you.


That restless nature has been chomping at the bit for some excitement. Sometimes it feels like there’s nowhere to go but up; other times it feels like you’re staring into oblivion. Use a little of both of these feelings to fuel your art this week.


They don’t call you the most determined member of the zodiac for nothing. This is a tough time of year, we all feel it—but you are the one most equipped to handle the challenge. Your work is not done. There is joy to be found in that.


This week may have you feeling panicky—it’s that time of year. Be gentle with yourself and remember that you are your own biggest critic. Though it sometimes feels like the world is pushing back against you, the truth is this: everybody wants you to succeed.


You sweet, thoughtful fish. You make others feel special, and that quality makes you a very special person, too. There’s a lot of power in making people smile. Remind yourself of that from time to time.