By Margeaux Sippell

This week we transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius season, presenting a long awaited break from routines. As the moon moves from practical Capricorn to imaginative Aquarius, set a positive intention early to keep your head on straight for the rest of the week. Lately things have been hectic—whether you’re spending this week with family, friends, or neither, don’t forget to take some time for yourself to decompress.


Your energy fluctuates between excitement and turbulence. This is your natural state—a quick beating heart. You’re not one to easily tire, but this week, give yourself permission to lay out of the action for a minute. Eat pie. There’s going to be lots of pie.


If you’re going home to see family this week, it’s wise to prepare yourself. Emotions will be running high, especially around Leos and Aquarians, your least compatible signs. Set a positive intention for communication instead of following your natural urge to argue. You’ll be proud of yourself if you can keep a cool head.


This week you’ll be surrounded by loved ones, so enjoy that while it lasts. A meaningful conversation with someone you look up to is an opportunity to ask for advice. Consider this person’s perspective on whatever is weighing on your mind as of late. The solution you need may be staring you in the face.


You tend to wear your emotions on your sleeve, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get to know you—it’s actually harder than you make it seem. Some people interpret your kindness as weakness. They’re wrong. The people worthy of letting into your heart know that your ability to empathize takes incredible strength.


Being comfortable is often the biggest pull for you when it comes to relationships. This week, reevaluate physical versus emotional intimacy. Careful not to settle someone you’re not crazy about for the sake of security. It’s not fair to you or to them.


Feelin fiesty Virgo? Use that fiest to your advantage. Channel it into what holds your attention this week. Whether it's having a difficult conversation with a friend or surviving the barrage of questions at Thanksgiving dinner, keep that feistiness in your back pocket.


Romance and loyalty are two good things in your wheelhouse. You give these things out freely and without question. But are you getting them in return? If you’re not, consider holding back a bit this week and see where it gets you. Challenge yourself to only give as much as you get in return.


The beginning of the week marks the last precious days of Scorpio season. It would be wise to prepare for some of the attention to shift away from you. You draw people to your side so effortlessly that they will come back without you having to try.


You probably haven’t heard this since 2009, but take a chill pill, Sag! You’ve been full steam ahead for weeks now and it has to be wearing on you. You can fight it only for so long. Let off some steam sometime soon or risk spontaneous combustion.


Your heart is a cavern that no one truly knows. This makes you very comfortable with secrets, with hiding part of yourself. This week, think of the person who is most gentle with your heart. It may be time to open up to them, if only a little bit more.


Your name says water but your heart says air. Float this week, just let yourself float. Everything is in motion as it is meant to be. For now, focus on your mental health. Yoga or meditation are wise this week. Be content to sit back and smile.


Your sign is known to have an affinity for music. This week, listen to the music your life is making. Listen to the human noise, the static, the chatter in your head. You may find some aspects of your life influence others—take time for synchronicity, for harmony, for singing.