By Margeaux Sippell

We are smack in the middle of Sagittarius season. Fire blazes from every direction, but do not be afraid—walk into it without hesitation. The moon begins this week in peaceful Libra, so use the scales to balance and center yourself for finals week. Midweek marks a lunar switch to Scorpio, urging you to listen to your intuition. By the time the weekend hits the moon will have moved into Sagittarius, our rightful home this month. Point your arrow towards the stars and fire away.


You're a go-getter, a ball of boundless energy. Have you established goals for the new year? Put your energy to work in your favor by giving it a specific purpose.


As a creature of habit, you are set in your ways—but you also have a gentle, romantic side. Take the next few weeks of down time to ground yourself and work on balancing these opposing sides of your nature.


Worries abound this time of year, what with finals and the pressure of impending holidays. Don't let stressful factors rule your life—facing them head on will give you time for much needed reflection and relaxation later.


You're known to be sentimental and emotional, but not every Cancer wears their heart on their sleeve. Some keep it well hidden, but each possesses an unshakable tenderness. Carry it proudly, like a precious stone.


You have been very diplomatic lately. Pat yourself on the back—that's not an easy feat, especially for you. Your desire to be right in every argument can and should be kept in check, especially around the holidays. Unnecessary arguments will be avoided this way.


Sometimes you feel like the grinch—you have so much love in your heart, but at times it feels a size too small. Your observant nature makes you critical of others, but remember to cut friends a little slack where it is deserved.


You often derive your happiness from the good vibes of others. Lucky for you, positivity surrounds you wherever you go. Just be aware that the negativity of others can drag you down too—choose your relationships accordingly.


This week finds you on the cusp of something great. You can feel it bubbling up like a cauldron over an open flame—be careful to use it up while the time is right, before it boils over.


This is your time. Inhale energy and breathe out fire. You possess a unique clarity of purpose—use this knowledge to propel you towards that which you desire.


Take these next few weeks to find your home—even if you aren't returning to the one from your childhood, you can find one within yourself. You can't always feel it, but you carry the earth in your bones.


Build a bridge between the justice you seek and the truth scattered across the stars. Holding yourself to the same standard you expect from others will light the way for them to follow. You must be patient.


Your gift of intuition gives you a keen sense of whether or not someone is telling the truth. Intrinsic kindness often leads you to overlook dishonesty, but this week it may benefit you to consider how this behavior affects the greater good.