by Abigail Baldwin

Pisces Season has arrived. This season brings power and energy, and with it, fear and apprehension. This week, avoid the fear of your own strength. Instead, focus your abilities and energy on positive social influence. You may experience an enhanced charm and attractiveness this week. Use it to bring positivity into the lives of those around you. 


Comparison to others has begun to erode your confidence and enthusiasm.  If you choose to fight this negativity, you can accomplish important tasks this week, and begin to bring your year into focus. Be aware of who you surround yourself with, and stay away from people who stand in the way of your passion and optimism. 


This week, you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Pleasure is important, but you are about to be faced with a difficult and unpleasant, but necessary task. Focus on results and future goals, and don't get bogged down in feelings of annoyance and frustration. This is a time of putting in the work, in order to reap the reward in the early weeks of March. 


Something wicked this way comes, and by wicked, I mean wicked hot. Open yourself up to a little sexual exploration this week. The results may surprise you. Imagination is your key to unlocking passion in a partner who's attracted you with their intelligence and intellect. Don't worry about the future of your relationships so much. February is not a month for answers, but for questions. 


Let your guard down this week and you'll find you've become magnetic to others. You're apprehensive right now and your outer warmth is hiding an inner insecurity. The sun is moving into your ninth house and you have an opportunity to expand your perspective and social circle. Open your heart, and recognize that your sensitivity is a strength. 


You've entered a period of change. At this crossroads, you may need to sacrifice your pride for the greater good of your relationships. Your dominant nature is attractive to others, but your tendency to become territorial can get in the way of true connection. Leave your entitlement issues at the door, and you'll find warmth and intimacy coming your way this week. 


You're stuck in a rut of self-sabotage. As we have shifted into the second part of the month, you will find yourself inspired to start new habits that balance your body, your inner life, and your external relationships. Since early March will bring a Virgo full moon, you need to get on track now to emerge stronger and more confident next month. 


Pleasure and wellness are coming your way. Focus on nourishing your body this week, and don't be afraid to spend time becoming intimate with yourself. Enrich your social life and private life with playfulness and confidence that comes with knowing and loving yourself. 


February has been intense for you, and that intensity is not dwindling. Channel it into your creative tasks and self-expression. Don't allow disappointment in your love-life to distract from your creative and professional goals. 


Someone surprising finds you very mysterious and alluring. This week, you don't need to work so hard on attracting others. Instead, open yourself up to the unexpected and prepare to have your world invaded by someone new. 


Whether you're coming down from a high, or recovering from a disappointment, this week is for recuperation. To put it simply, you need to calm down. Rest, good things are coming, and you will have the strenth to accomplish your goals. 


You've been paving your own path for a long time. You're self-guided and your ideas are often shocking and on the cutting-edge. This month, you've been riding a high of attention and appreciation from others, and your confidence is peaking. Embrace the positivity of your situation, but don't be afraid to reveal that you have weaknesses too. Right now, you need trusted supporters, not admirers. 


You may be troubled by a strange dream or disturbing new fear this week. You're torn between seemingly opposing options. Although you feel helpless, you're about to be on to great new ideas. Fear can be a motivator. Welcome inspiration this week, and you'll find your intellect and creativity growing. 

Illustration by Enne Goldstein