by Margeaux Sippell

This week finds us firmly rooted in Pisces season. Strange feelings have bewitched us as of late. The moon, that pale hand of fate, has been pushing and pulling us like the tides. Thursday ends a month-long drought of full moons — emotions may thrash like fish in water before finally beginning anew.


Summon up the courage that has gotten you through so many a dark hour. When you focus on obstacles, they tower so high they seem to block out the sun. Look to your talents and draw upon your strengths — these will help you glimpse horizon.


Spring brings about changes that light a fever in your subconscious. You may be feeling off-kilter, haunted by a phantom itch. While your body and mind settle old bets, explore the space between impulse and action. Consider your motives, and stand by decisions once made.


The questioner in you demands that everything have a reason for being. Release that expectation this week and observe people’s basic instincts. They may be trying to communicate with you on a frequency to which you aren’t usually tuned.


Listen to your intuition when it comes to new people entering your life, but remember to take your own opinions with a grain of salt. Because your mirror is so often aimed outwards, you can be hard to get to know — give someone unexpected a chance this week.


Thursday’s full moon will energize your creative instincts this week. As it approaches, carry a notebook with you in case inspiration strikes when you least expect it. On the day of, be ready to grab hold of a new idea and take it for a spin.


Prepare for an awkward encounter this week at an unexpected time. Stay calm, cool and collected as is your neutral state, and the tumultuous feeling will pass as quickly as it came.


A big decision looms. Acknowledge that it will set the tone for a new phase of life, but don’t forget that your day to day existence is ever changing. No single move can shift the touchstones that ground you.


Old habits die hard, but you’re not usually one to hold a grudge. Your innate mystery draws people to you like noses to a rose, but this week give yourself permission to pursue a relationship, be it platonic or romantic, instead of waiting for it to come to you.


This week, you may pick up on vibrations so foreign that you feel like a tuning fork channeling a distant star. Let them move you. Draw your intuition from that energy.


You’re a ragtag traveler, shaken and stirred. Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and get back out on the road. Your path may be winding, but there are friends at every turn.


Minor inconveniences may have you bristling this week, but turn down the heat -- crank it up to high and you’ll boil over. It will be more beneficial to exercise control and choose your battles carefully. Channel what frustrates you into art.


You’ve been so focused on introspection that it feels like looking into a wishing well. You are learning so much about yourself that you can seem like your own worst enemy, but take a moment to look up instead of in. There are stars flashing over your head, waiting to be wished upon.

Illustration by Enne Goldstein