Happy (Astrological) New Year!

by Hannah McKennett

Admit it: You’ve already given up on those New Year’s Resolutions you made less than three months ago. We get it. Winter goes hand in hand with feeling more tired and less motivated, meaning that your goal to hit the gym once a week suddenly seems way less important than spending a few extra hours in bed. And according to astrology, this is so totally okay. By taking it easy for the rest of these cold winter months, you’re really just preparing yourself for the new year recognized by the stars, the season of fresh starts as determined by the natural world. Gather your champagne, because the Astrological New Year takes place on March 20, the Spring Equinox.

In many cultures, the Spring Equinox is celebrated as the start of a new year. Equinox means “equal night,” a time when sun is shining for the same amount of time as the moon. This equality translates to a balance between God and Goddess, yin and yang, and feminine and masculine, as celebrated by ancient Celtic and Mediterranean cultures. It represents the completion of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth of the seasons, beginning a new cycle. Everything that died during the autumn and winter seasons begins to grow again. Flowers reveal their buds to the sunlight, animals dedicate themselves to a hot and heavy mating season, and humans peek out of their shelters and flock back outside during the daytime.

Astrology-wise, the Spring Equinox signifies the sun entering Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. The energies of Taurus and Gemini, the second and third signs, are also present. These first three signs manifest personal identity, entrepreneurship, and new beginnings. Remember those resolutions you wrote down in a notebook and never looked at again? Well now’s the time to dig them back out, because this time of the year is made to put goals into action. Plant your intentions during the Spring Equinox like seeds in fresh soil, and watch them grow through the following months until they are in full bloom like sunny daffodils in time for the Summer Solstice in June. Create your garden this March, and make sure it’s colorful enough to last you the rest of the year.

So here’s how to guarantee that the seeds you plant are going to bloom into vibrant, kaleidoscopic flowers. First, meditate. Isn’t meditation always the answer? It becomes especially important during times of change, so that your actions and thoughts have a chance to coincide and work together. But actions become just not, if not more, important during and after the Spring Equinox. Winter’s over, so it’s time to climb out of bed and get moving. Go on a day trip to a beach or forest. Try a new restaurant, or buy tickets to a concert for a bad you’ve never heard of. Mostly, try to get outside. The sun is awake, which means it’s time for us to wake up, too. Watch the sunrise, then dedicate an afternoon sitting and reading in the park. Take it to the next level and plant some actual seeds, whether in a community garden or just in some pots on your windowsill.

Breathe some life back into that winter body. And, of course, celebrate! It’s a new year. To get you back in the part mood, here are some songs that are sure to motivate and inspire: