Man Buns

Text by Isabella Saporito
Photos by Nydia Hartono


In the distance it glimmered, like a diamond in the rust. It seemed to glimmer perfectly, the sunshine hitting it in just the right way. My eyes drifted upwards and I saw his...bun.

Since the first pair of scissors was invented, hair has often been used as a form of expression among individuals. The topic of man buns is met with controversy in many circles. Whether you are pro or con the bun, this hairstyle has implanted itself into popular culture. Celebrities like Harry Styles, Bradley Cooper and Chris Hemsworth have been spotted wearing buns in the glossy pages of magazines. This trend has escalated to the point where it is now met with either extreme hostility or acceptance.

I must admit I have found myself susceptible to the power of that little poof of hair, messily arranged and oh so tempting to touch. Recently I have seen my fair share of man buns floating atop the heads of a large population of male students around campus. I decided to conduct a little man bun research, to see what the students at Emerson had to say about this hairstyle.


When I asked him about his view on the bun, freshman Graham Reid said, that the man bun has the ability to either work or look horrible; it merely depends on the person. I found his answer to be rather intriguing, it left me hungry for more. I turned my next question to the Emerson guru and current man bun wearer, sophomore Lenny Alcid. He explained the origins of the “top knot,” as he referred to it, a style that has evolved from Japanese culture and into the land of hipsters. This style has resonated heavily in the streets of New York and film schools around the United States.

Personally, I am neither a fan nor foe of the latest hair trend to rock mens fashion. My position on the man bun aids me as I walk through the streets of downtown Boston, both mesmerized and bewildered by those with the ability to pull off the look.

To man bun or not to man bun: the question is yours to answer.

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