Text by Nic Damasio
Photos by Carina Allen

The Cabaret has seen a lot in its years at Emerson. From a cappella to Shakespeare, Emerson kids typically don’t put on anything too outside of the box. Most of the time you’ll find theater troupes putting on their latest production, with an open mic night sprinkled here and there for kids to show off their super-original acoustic Sam Smith cover. Every now and then you get students like Julian Baeza Hochmuth who think outside that black box, and make different plans for the Cabaret.

The author enjoying himself at Cabarave.

The author enjoying himself at Cabarave.

As a second semester freshman, Baeza Hochmuth decided to take what he knows best and share that with the Emerson community. And what he knows best, is music. Dance music specifically, is his domain. For three consecutive semesters, Baeza Hochmuth has put on his own rave/DJ-set/concert in the basement of the Little Building for Emerson students of all ages; aptly named Cabarave. Baeza Hochmuth, known to many by his DJ name Beeza, has been producing his own tracks, remixing songs, and DJ-ing parties and events for years. Beeza has an eclectic taste in music from metal to classical, but his own work and sets are more in line with trap and jungle music that is sure to get the crowd moving.


Beeza designed and built his own stage and booth: an all white set up composed of backlit traingles and sqaures. Each Cabarave has become more intricate than the last. Cabarave II in Fall 2014 featured DJ KG as the opening act, as well as sick visuals from DJ/VJ SparrowHawk. This semester for Cabarave III, Beeza beefed up his light show and visuals with simple shapes, vibrant purples and blacks and whites. Beeza knows not every Emerson student who attends his set is as educated in the trap/jungle department as himself, so he tends to their Top-100/Indie-inclined ears by mixing a lot of party classics with his unique electronic taste.


With each Cabarave better than the antecedenteventually this show will be too big for the 100-person Cabaret; it is an event you do not want to miss before it’s gone. This is also considering how Beeza had his Beyoncé remix played by Norwegian enigma and producer Cashmere Cat, live at his past show at Paradise Rock Club. Having also recently sound designed for a start up company creating an electronic tip-jar, and for the sounds of Guilleromo del Torro’s, “Pacific Rim," the exponential track projected for Beeza’s success is moving quickly.