Fractured Youth

Text & Photos by Evan Walsh

There’s something to be said for growing up, the way we fracture ourselves and mangle our lives into tiny pieces and spread them between home and Boston. Somewhere between moving in for Orientation Week and the four years after, life splits and divides. We don’t feel so young. We feel confused about what we call home; and then we find a new one, then we leave it again. Too, there are days when we feel we know who we are better than we ever have, and then give it a month--all that fades away.

Identity in college seems to be paramount. Knowing who you are and want you want serves a grounding factor--we try to make the most of the confused times, but the moments we have that confidence in knowing ourselves seem almost blissful.

These photographs are reflections of that gap, a navigation of the identity of being young, the challenge of leaving home, and the realization that there are places and times outside of the now that we can never return to.

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