Octopus' Garden

Text by Yasmina Hilal
Art by Yasmina Hilal and Serene Ghandrour
Model: Haya Mroueh

Over the summer during my stay in Lebanon, I decided to collaborate with an artist, Serene Ghandrour, where we created several collages combining photography and art.

The certain style that we used for the series was abstract. Our message behind these pictures is that we are trying to distort beauty and implement different ways to see it, which defy the media. We did so by stressing on the model's features and then creating something monstrous and unusual but at the same time beautiful. 


Story behind the title of the series? 

"We were actually listening to it while working on the photos! And because it's a resemblance of the sea and octopuses are weird looking, it doesn't make too much sense but it came to us while working."

You can see more of Yasmina's work on her website.