Palm Lines

People say your eyes are the window to your soul, but that’s not entirely true. If any part of your body could provide some insight into who you are as a person, it would be your hands. Your hands—your palms, specifically—are a roadmap of you. Learning how to read and translate the lines on your palm can give you insight into who you are as a person, how you think, and how you feel. If you’re not interested in learning about yourself, reading other people's palms is an effective way to learn the things they haven’t said. Say you’re at a bar talking to someone, but you’re unsure of whether or not you should pursue them further—just check their heart line.

There are four major lines on your palm that everyone usually has along with dozens of smaller lines that have a more specific meaning. The heart line, the head line, the life line, and the fate line should be your main focus. For females, start with your right hand which is who you are at birth while the other palm is who you’ve become. Males, start with your left hand.

The heart line is the long line that begins under your pinky and runs in a straight line to your index finger. If the line stops in the middle of your middle finger, it means you are selfish in love. If it ends before your middle finger, you are prone to falling in love often and too easily. A heart line ending past the middle finger indicates someone open and generous with their love.

The head line relates to how you process information and make decisions. Typically, it is under your heart line and above your life line. A short line translates to a preference for physical achievements rather than mental. A curved line shows creativity, whereas a straight line is the mark of a realistic thinker. A head line separated from your life line indicates an adventurous spirit.

The life line is the swooping arch that surrounds your thumb. This line has nothing to do with how long you will live, rather how you live. A life line that is close to the thumb means the person is often tired, but a curved line shows a very energetic person. A line that is deeply embedded in the palm suggests a person who lives with a lust for life, but a shorter, superficial line means the person can easily be manipulated by others and situations. Breaks in the line reflect changes in lifestyles or decisions that impacted your life.

The fate line, which is the extent to which external circumstances impact your life, starts at the bottom of your palm and usually runs diagonally or straight up towards your fingers, but it is not present on all palms. A present, deep line reveals a person whose life is strongly controlled by fate. Multiple lines, or breaks in the fate line signifies a person whose life is often touched by fate.

These four lines are only a brief overview of the information your palm could reveal to you, and learning more about the minor lines could reveal even more information about yourself and, potentially, your future.

Text by Courtney Major

Photography by Daniel Clemens