Our Privacy, Ourselves

In our private spheres we are ourselves. It is here that we take a deep breath free of societal pressure that leaves us on edge. It is in this intimate space that we express who we are. What is hanging on the walls? What is on the shelves? Are we scattered, are we in order? Personal space reveals so much, and it’s frightening. We fear sharing this space, letting others in, because we do not know how they will react, if they will judge us.

At the same time we can take the inside perspective, as we peer out into the world. We leave the comforts of our space every day, leaving behind the paintings on our walls and the books on our shelves. We leave this space and face the outside world, a place that can be overwhelming, busy, and chaotic.  At the end of the day, we have the pleasure of returning home once again to the calm personal space created.

The outside world can be scary, but it is in this outside world that we have the privilege and opportunity to find someone to share our space with. Someone who will love it just the same. In looking in and out of the door, we ask ourselves will we be alone, or will we find someone out there who wants to be here, too?

Text by Joseph Boudreau

Photos by Andri Raine