Artist & Inspiration

Photographers and Their Muses.

photography by Brunei Deneumostier

What drives you to take photos of the subject you do?

Pablo Bailon (photographed with Benjamin Alerhand, his best friend and guitarist):


“I take photos for pleasure. I am a musician but photography is a passion that I have recently discovered. I do it as a hobby and it happens that I am always around musicians. Slowly they have become my favorite subject to shoot.”


Mariana Romero (photographed in black and white, with her reflection):


“I think the reason I photograph myself is to prove myself that I can. I have changed and I can see it even though sometimes I’m fooled because my mind plays tricks on me or I’m to harsh with myself you know? Not only how I look physically but I also compare my photos from the beginning of the year with the ones of right now and i'm a completely different person. I think it’s beautiful to see how even though we’re the same person, we are not. I love having changed, and I am happy right now.”


Allison Nguyen (photographed with nature and architecture):


“It is impossible to recreate a photograph even if it's your own. When the day, the weather, the season, the lightning condition are different, I see and realize different elements that make me stop on the way to take out my camera. Even it's the same place that I pass by every day, I will want capture anything that I find appealing. I only regret not being able to take one.”