5 Instagram Influencers to Watch


Photo by Quinn Albert

Photo by Quinn Albert

by Abigail Baldwin

Ah yes, the Digital Age. Love it or hate it, you're in it. Whether or not you like it, Instagram is an undeniable influence on fashion, culture, and self-esteem. Think piece after think piece have examined Instagram's influence on our self-image. Spending hours a day scrolling through photos of hot, rich people's beautiful, perfect lives can be disheartening, to say the least. Especially since real life is often ugly, unfiltered, and unglamorous. It's easy to resent people who only put the best image of themselves online, the version fitted head to toe in a look, green juice in hand, and a shiny, wavy blow-out. I resent these people, but at the same time, I put considerable effort into trying to make myself look cool online. So maybe I'm part of the problem. 

After spending too much time scolding myself internally for my Instagram addiction, I've decided to change my perspective. Perhaps it's time to deal with my self-esteem without denying myself access to photos of hot, well-dressed Instagram celebrities. Maybe, just maybe, I can take inspiration from these people without seeing myself as an unsexy ogre in ugly shoes. 

Thus, I present you with 5 Instagram Influencers to Watch:

Lookin’ like a strawberry short cake. Taken by my bb @jonasschwaer 🍓

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Bianca Valle

Who is this woman that looks like every gay thought I've ever had? Bianca Valle is an early 20-something, NYC based artist and social media manager who's been featured everywhere from Vogue to I-D to the Crybaby Zine. She has hip-length princess hair and a great eye for bold colors. She's a photographer, painter, and video-artist, which makes her the distinctively frustrating marriage of talent and hotness. You may appreciate her art and get infinite fashion inspiration, but be armed with the knowledge that she is not better than you. You too can have success in life and be adored by 16,000 people. 

Matrix lookin ass

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Bella McFadden

Internet Girl reigns Depop with close to 500,000 followers. On Instagram, she's giving me goth realness, Y2K glam, bikini pics in the winter, and the occasional toilet selfie. She visited my birthplace of Salem, MA and wore a strappy crop-top in the snow. If you're looking for style inspiration of the anti-fashion, 90's retro, Hot Topic sexy variety, she's your girl. 










Kyra Cherie

Soon to hit 10,000 followers, Kyra Cherie is a model, dancer, actor, singer, artist, fitness instructor, and club queen. She's also a graduate of Boston Conservatory. Kyra seems to perpetually rock platform shoes and gorgeous glitter eyeshadow, and is ready to own her sexuality all over your TL. You should probably follow now so you can say you were one of the first 10,000. 

Reese Blutstein (And Her Sister Molly)

The Blutsteins are Atlanta-based fashionable twins with bold, straight eyebrows and matching haircuts. I particularly like Reese's feed. She serves endless sharp blazers, sleek layering, and cool hemlines. Turn to her when you need to see primary colors and jackets that will make your heart ache. 













alllll bundled up #UOonYou ☕️🐥❤️👅

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Bean McLean

Here at Emerson, we have our own slew on Instagram influencers. Freshman Bean McLean is from San Diego but has family in South Africa and England. She’s moved her adorable, tan, SoCal brand to the cold, brick-laden streets of Boston. Follow her and you can imagine that you too are a globetrotting teenager who’s somehow made their dorm look like a hundred dollar a night Airbnb. 



Enjoy exploring the infinite inspiration of Instagram fashion bloggers and influencers, but keep in mind that although they slay on insta, they could be screaming on the inside. Instagram celebrities aren't more evolved than you, but they probably do have more access to Off-White and Supreme. 

photo by Quinn Albert

photo by Quinn Albert